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“luxury apartments”

February 15, 2010

There really should be a set of guidelines to be able to advertise an apartment as “luxury.” I moved into a “Luxury Apartment” in May and I’m still looking for the luxury. I have discovered three things that one might consider luxurious. They are as follows: A refrigerator with ice maker, washer and dryer in unit, hardwood floors. A possible fourth could be the included microwave, but hello, it’s 2010 – MICROWAVES ARE AFFORDABLE NOW!! While I like all those features, I do not find them luxurious. I find them very common things found in most households which leaves me still searching for the luxury. Oh, I just remembered the dishwasher, however, it’s one of those smaller apartment sized ones so if you put more than 3 plates and 4 cups in, your dishes aren’t going to come out clean. A garbage disposal would have been nice, almost luxurious. How about a medicine cabinet or a programmable thermostat instead of one that just says on and off, or a garbage chute. I don’t feel very luxurious when i have to drag my trash down the stairs, around the corner, behind the building as I sink in the soggy grass wrestling with the garbage can I had to buy myself. That is, of course after I go thru the buidlings ONE EXIT thru a door that does not lock behind me. I would also like to mention, speaking of doors that do not lock behind me, that we are expected to keep the main door locked at all times. However, there are no doorbells, buzzers, or anyway to get in touch with anyone in the building if you are just stopping by or say, delivering chinese food. So consistently, you can hear people banging on the door. CLASSY AND LUXURIOUS!!!