bok bok

I visited my parents and family over the Easter holiday.  had a pretty good time. The drive was about 6 hours there, but i had my trusty stephanie plum books on the ipod so the time went by pretty fast.  I decided to bypass the turnpike and  just zig zag thru pennsylvania. I ended up on route 22/322 that followed the susquehanna river for awhile then snaked thru the country. It was a beautiful drive and I’m glad i was up and on the road early.

new apartment

new apartment

I got a call on saturday saying that i was approved for the new apartment i’d applied for – so yay!  i get to live in an old brothel.  you ahve to admit that’s pretty cool.  I’m trying to find some information on the history of the building and will share that as soon as i find something concrete.

broken fingerIn other news, i had to change my last pt session til this thursday. The finger i broke is still really stiff and hard to bend all the way. I’m not sure how long that will go on for.  I’m glad i can move it at all but i would like the pain to go away.


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